The art of living Spontaneously

One thing that I strongly believe in is living in the moment. Not to understate the importance of setting goals and seeing them through – those are good keys to success in life – I think it is important not to live a life of waiting for tomorrow. There are opportunities all around us all the time to act not just as a passive observer but to instigate life, create, act, and do.

Improv Everywhere is a group that creates spontaneous situations that surprise, provoke thought, break up the tedium of everyday life. Take a look:

Did you notice the faces of observers? Shock, a little embarrassment, curiosity – but in the end, they came to the realization that they had experienced something unique and were themselves a part of something bigger.

Improv Everywhere makes satirical statements about culture, such as the walking-and-texting trend, by offering a humorous public service for a day:

They unite people by presenting a problem and inviting strangers to work together to find a solution:

And they make you question all of your assumptions about who and what people are:

I enjoy Improv Everywhere because many of their works really capture what it means to live spontaneously. The word “spontaneous” comes from the Latin “sponte,” which means “of one’s free will.” By being spontaneous, you are demonstrating your human ability to break out of the imposed pattern of everyday life – to seek and find pleasure in the little things. I challenge you to take the opportunity to be spontaneous. Be aware of the moment and capture it – seize the day, so to speak. You never know what might happen.

Here’s a link to the Improv Everywhere website if you would like to see more:


  •  What are some ways spontaneity can be productive, positive, and useful in everyday life?
  • How can spontaneity help in your career?
  • Does spontaneity have to be silly? Why or why not?
  • How can spontaneity provoke social change?

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2 thoughts on “The art of living Spontaneously

  1. Rebecca, I am in love with your blog. You took an abstract idea, or a feeling, and you made it tangible and you put your own emotions into it. When I read your blog proposal at the beginning of the course, I was a little confused, but I have to admit, I love what you did with your blog, especially this article. You incorporated minimal text with video to get your idea across. I love how you approached this blog site and how you leave questions at the end. A suggestion would be to use tags relevant to your post so others can find you when they search key words. Keep up the great work, Rebecca and I hope you keep this up after the course is over.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this and agree with you completely. People do not act spontaneously enough.

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