Sweet Trivia

Today’s letter is the letter “M.”

Have you ever looked at the “M” on an M&M and wondered, moments before a mouthful of delicious chocolate and color, how exactly that got there?

According to mental_floss, the “M”s are applied via a method similar to offset printing. They run down a conveyor belt and are individually stamped with a vegetable-based dye. This printer allegedly stamps around 2.5 million m&m’s an hour, but occasionally it misses due to small variations in the candies.

The “M”s are made of a wax-like substance that floats in water – if you drop one of the candies M-side up in a bowl of water, the M will slowly peel off and float to the surface.

Creating something like this:

A little terrifying…reported to still be delicious.

What do the “M”s stand for? The original founders of the M&M brand were Forrest Mars and Bruce Murrie, both sons of other famous and successful candy makers. From their initials they  derived the name “M&M”. The partnership eventually dissolved (much like in the picture above) – not so “sweet” for Murrie. The name, however, stuck.

Read more about it here:



  • What are some instantly recognizable logos? Why are they recognizable?
  • Why are so many candies colorful?
  • What do M&M’s represent in pop culture?
  • If “M” is a word – what kinds of connotations does it have? (Suggested, not literal meaning.)

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Also, here’s some more cool science experiments you can do with candy:



2 thoughts on “Sweet Trivia

  1. Candy is so colorful because FRUIT AND VEGETABLES are so colorful, and actually, we’re just craving the wonderful goodness of natural food, but we have to settle for yucky artificial stuff because it’s cheaper. That’s my theory.

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