Why Do You Dance?

I found this interesting little article written by Dr. Peter Lovatt on the Psychology Today website:


Dr. Lovatt asks the question “Why do you dance?” and reflects on the many different types of answers he receives. The responses provoked by a question like that vary widely but all seem to reflect an emotional state or, often, a compulsion from the music – a sort of transcending connection. That connection may be experienced alone or as a shared experience between dancers. Dr. Lovatt quotes one of his responders as saying,

“I love the additional sense of connection to the music that I get from dancing close with another person. There’s a real sense of being able to hear the music the way that other person hears it – and to share how I hear the music with them.”

My summary:

Some people dance alone.

Some people dance with a partner.

We all dance for different reasons, but mostly, the music.

If you dance, why do you dance?




2 thoughts on “Why Do You Dance?

  1. Critique over Rebecca’s Blog: Katlin Montgomery

    My first look at your site I noticed the dark plum background which made my eyes immediately focus on your writing content. The layout also caught my attention because it was somewhat mysterious, especially with your serious profile picture. It made me want to read and figure out what your blog was all about. I then began to read the titles of your posts and they seemed very relaxed, and intrigued my interest even more. The information on the first post about the crossword puzzles was very neat. I have never put much thought into the hard work the person creating them really has to do. There is a lot of creative thinking being put into that line of work, and I enjoyed the humor you added to the blog as well. With your combination of wit, professionalism, and humor, the audience will keep wanting to read on.
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    The third blog also included a very good question that I have never thought about. Even though there is a lot of humor on the site, you do a great job of still keeping it professional, and it makes me realize how deep and creative your thoughts are. My only suggestion to this post would be to make it a little longer, tell your audience if you dance, or if you even like to. If you do then is it alone, or with a partner, and maybe after you ask your audience the question you can actually answer your own question to show your audience and an employer your thoughts on this topic too. The more you say about you the better because this is a marketing tool to help you sell your brand that you are creating.
    After analyzing the content, I noticed the spelling, punctuation, and grammar were all really good. I can see how your posts relate to this course because when you talk about language, that is something you want to make a career out of, but I think it could be related more to career development if you added my suggestions about making the posts a little more about you. Your other two topics relate to this course because asking ourselves these unique questions will get our thoughts moving, thinking on a much deeper level than we normally do. We all need to learn to think outside of the box more, and enrich our lives with creative thoughts, questions, videos, and images, just like the ones you included in your blog. Nicely done, your topics really got me to think!

  2. Thank you so much for your in-depth comment! I’m still navigating topics and this blog is very much a work-in-progress so any advice is much appreciated.

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